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(Archived) Editing Notes that show up as Sections


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Hello all,

I am new to Evernotes and when I edit the notes on my phone (Motorola Droid 2) some of the notes I can just scroll up and down the note and edit it and some of my notes can only be edited in section. Such as:

* Take Front Photo for CMA

* Print Absorption Rate Analysis for this City

*Print Netsheet* CMA Value Range: $ - $

* Make an Appointment to present CMA

I have to edit each one of the above section and save before editing the next one and these are in the same note.

I hope I have explained this good enough for you to understand.

Thanks in advance,


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I have run into the equivalent problem editing vanilla text notes - after selecting edit and taping on the screen, I can only edit that line, then save the file, before continuing. This is a major change in functionality.

I am running Mobile 3.1.1 on a NexusOne, that is running Android 2.3.4

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My problem was a text file that was somehow reformatted, either through my own fat-fingering or otherwise. Exporting and looking at the html made that clear. It is now a "sectioned" file.

To restore normal editing I copies to notepad, saved, created a new note and re-imported. Back to normal behavior.

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Notes with complexe formatting such as tables are not supported by the rich text editor yet.

The note remains editable but with a more limited editor wich allows you to select the part you want to modify.

A work around is indeed to simplify the note.

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