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(Archived) Must Have Features for the Road warrior


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I have been using evernote for about 4 months now. For me is it primarily a phone based app with the ability to author (format, paste, clip) from my desktop and then push offline to my phone. The following features are requested, since I trip over them at least once a week!

* Select anything - I want to freely drag my finger around on ANY note content, create highlighted text selections. The gestures should also be smart enough for tap, double tap, triple tap, just like a mouse on a desktop. Do not use the crappy android 2 pointer text selection feature. it is very close to worthless. It should work like click and drag on a webpage in your desktop browser.

* Tap and Hold menu - Once content is selected (text, pictures...) as mentioned above, tap and hold to bring up a context menu. a few options here. (1) copy; (2) dial; (3) new SMS (4) new note. maybe some others?

* Smart phone number detect & dial - I cannot tell you how many times I have placed a phone number in a note, but I cannot tap to dial (or copy paste to the dialer). If it is in the exact most unreadable format. +1xxxyyyzzzz, then it seems to work. Add a space or a dot or a dash or an extension number, you can only get a partial number or no number at all to dial. To add injury, I cannot copy the number out of the note either. Picture a guy in China in the back of a taxi, trying to find pen and paper, juggle the phone, just to write a number down from an evernote on PAPER, just to type it back into the dialer. lame.

* Sync progress indicator - I understand syncing can take some time. Large pix and reconciliation between records in multiple places but... once sync starts, I have no way to know if anything is happening! I have to keep bringing up the Menu, and then look for the "Cancel Sync" button to see if it is syncing... Ok follow me, menu/cancel sync is showing, therefore I am still syncing. Menu sync button showing, then the sync is done. Just put a little flashing dot, or a spinner... heck, even flap the elephant's ears if you have to! I just want to know something is happening, and I don't want to go check "is it syncing" all the time from a specific page under the menu details.

Well there it is, the features I would like to see in evernote mobile. Add these and you will have many many happy customers - not to mention many upgrades to Pro to use the offline notebooks. These features make evernote a worthwhile MOBILE application.

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Thanks. If I summarize the main points:

1/ improve text selection in a note: highlighted selection, different tapping.

Do you have any exemple of Android app which support this feature or something similar to what you expect?

2/ support more phone number formats including spaces / separators.

3/ add a clearer feedback about the sync status.

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Yes I totally agree with projectasia.

* Select anything - a must have

* Tap and Hold menu - very useful to have

* Sync progress indicator - also useful to have

* If i may add one more thing, it is the ability to type in content into empty table cells?? And type in between existing lines.

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