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(Archived) Wont sync/no local notes



Upgraded to Lion and also 2.2.3. When I reopen Evernote it reported something about have to convert some note. When finished I had no notes or folders in Mac Client. Everything is still there online, visible through my windows client, and my android client. I removed the app, reinstalled it, and still nothing. Sync does nothing. I even changed my username and password, and relogged in, and then it said it was syncing, but hen finished, the was still nothing. Just baffled over here. I could not locate the local database file anywhere, nor the folder where I would expect it to be.

Any ideas?

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I had the same issue--I manually removed the Application Data folder and re-synced to no avail.

What finally cleared it up for me was flipping back and forth between "Account" and "Shared" tabs and clicking the "Manage Sharing" button a few times...

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