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(Archived) Strange error message in Dolphin HD Browser


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I'm getting a "Stripes validation error report" error message when I try to save a web page to Evernote in the Dolphin HD browser on my ASUS Eee Pad Transformer. I've tried saving several web pages but I keep getting the same error message. The error message says:


Stripes validation error report

Here's how it is. Someone (quite possibly the Stripes Dispatcher) needed to get the source page resolution. But no source page was supplied in the request, and unless you override ActionBeanContext.getSourcePageResolution() you're going to need that value. When you use a tag a hidden field called '_sourcePage' is included. If you write your own forms or links that could generate validation errors, you must include a value for this parameter. This can be done by calling request.getServletPath().

Validation errors

Please fix the following errors:

1. "http://www.theage.com.au/ Shared via Dolphin Browser" is not a valid Url.


What does it all mean? What can I do to solve the problem? Thanks.

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