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(Archived) **BUG** and Feature requests

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Hi everyone,

I use Evernote for doing research in my university (I use Windows XP, latest Evernote version). I mostly use INK NOTES a lot, instead of pencil and paper, and I encourage my collegues to use Evernote with a Wacom Bamboo tablet, as I do (very cheap if compared with a tablet PC).


If I print the ink note I obtain what you can see in the attachment: WHITE BREAKS and OVERLAPPING PARTS!!! :cry:


1) When printing a note, please let me choose the WHITE background!! The yellow color printed in black and white is horrible.

2) It would be great if Evernote let me change the aspect of the Ink Note paper background. For example, it would suffice to choose a GRID space, and vertical and/or horizontal lines, and the background color.

If you fix these points, I will buy the premium version of Evernote.


Tommaso (Italy)

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