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(Archived) Feature Request - Save to SDCard


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I'm new to smartphones, but happy to have found Evernote. It's the best thing yet that I've installed on my phone. :D

Why is it that all the apps for mobile phones require a connection? I go a lot of places where there is neither 3G nor wireless, so it would be cool to be able to save my documents locally, to the phone. How hard would it be to save them both places - on the server AND on the phone.

I'm just saying - it would be a good feature for people who don't live all their lives within 25 miles of a major highway or byway. :lol:

One other quick suggestion - I use Evernote to create To Do lists, but there's really not a way to "check off" an item. I can edit the list and remove it, or, I suppose I could draw a line through it with a special font, but there's a certain amount of satisfaction from simply putting a checkmark by something you've completed.

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Hi there, on offline download of notes (actually: individual notebooks that you can choose to download for offline usage): I can set this under Evernote, in Settings, in the top-most "Premium functions" category. Which likely means that saving notebooks to the phone is available only for Premium users. -- Further, to have the data actually saved on the SD card instead of on the phone, it seems the way to do this is to go to Android Settings, Applications, and click Evernote in the list.

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