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(Archived) Loss of preferences when upgrading evernote

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Hi There,

I'm using Evernote mainly on Mac, iPhone, web and Android. When upgrading the client all my Mac setup are gone each time I manage an upgrade and I have to specify again, that I want the windows with small icons, no text, remove some functions and add a few others, etc. This is the case for the main window as well as the notes window. According to the fact there are regular releases/upgrades, I'd appreciate if my preferences will be kept instead, either in the computer prefs or as a note synchronized across evernote...

I'm a real Evernote-feak/advocate and tell about it around at many occasions. I recently bought a HP printer with scan-to-email capability, just so that my scans can be archived within my Evernote-Premium via the mail note ingestion, that is to say how much I like what you guys are doing :-P

All the best,


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