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(Archived) Bug: extra bullet that's hard to delete



The bug creates an extra bullet that's hard to delete and has other negative effects. It can be reproduced by clicking the Add Bullets icon, then typing the following keystrokes:

A, Enter, Tab, B, Enter, Tab, C, Enter, Enter, D, Left Arrow, Left Arrow, Enter, Enter, Enter, Backspace

Instead of the expected:

* A
o B
* C
o D

I see the incorrect:

* A
o B
* C
* o D

In other words, there are now two bullets on the same line as the letter D. To fix this, it seems you have to delete the D line and anything that comes after it, which can mean a lot of retyping or reformatting. It also messes up the ability to turn off bullets and create a blank line by pressing Enter when on a depth=1 bullet.

I have Evernote for Mac 2.1.1 (146398).

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