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(Archived) evernote wouldn't sync


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Right, Well here was my problem, here's what I did to fix the problem, and here's my new problem.

Right I had evernote on my phone, for ages it wouldn't sync any of my notes, so there were loads of notes on my phone that wouldn't sync up to account so were only on my phone. Would just get sync error.

So I uninstalled evernote, and installed it again. Evernote application was stored my my phone SD card previously, (HTC DESIRE), and then it wouldn't bloody work, so when I uninstalled it I didn't clear any of the cache or the data, figuring this would delete the stored notes on my phone's SD

So I installed evernote again this time to phone, it now syncs fine, it's not stored on my SD card though it's files are as far as I can tell.

How can I get my old evernote notes that are still stored on my SD (I think they're my notes anyway, can't open them), to open in my new evernote app, and then sync up to my account?

Sorry if that doens't make sense, if anyone can help I'd be very grateful.

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