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(Archived) Feature: Sync-Button in single note


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I have a linked note on my android desktop which I want to share with my friends. Since this note will be often changed by one of us I must be sure to see always the last version of this note before updating it myself to avoid conflicts.

Until now every time when I want to edit this note I have to start evernote to sync my notes to be sure that this linked note is also up to date before editing it. Please make a sync button in the note-view so that I also can sync my note directly without starting evernote every time before editing my linked/shared note.

Otherwise it makes not much sense to share a linked note because linked notes are the notes that people access/edit very often. So it should be possible to manually sync them to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

It is not necessary that this sync-button is only in linked notes. It could simply be in all notes and start the normal sync-process for all notes. But it should refresh the screen-content of the currently shown note so that it is up to date.

I'm already using automatic sync-intervals (pro user) but I don't want to auto-sync more often than once an hour to save battery. And the 15 min rhythm is not anough to minimize conflicts.


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