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I am anxious to discuss the new application in the Flyer for handwriting that is a direct sync (same app, version of evernote) on the Flyer. The active digitizer makes handwriting possible in a real way and it will sync to your evernote account (as a screen shot). You can edit the note freely on the flyer. You can add to it in evernote (not in handwriting of course even on a tablet pc---the two are not compatible--tablet pc handwritten note and these handwritten notes off Flyer).

I like using handwriting and am excited to have a workable small device that I can do this with. I am very interested in sharing impressions, uses, tips etc. and hope to hear from other users of the flyer.

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I also prefer handwritten notes and just purchased an HTC Flyer for its note-taking capabilities. However, I am having some issues with the Note Application. Taking notes on the Flyer works fine, but I am having some issues synching with the handwritten notes on my tablet (HP 2740p).

1. I can see the Tablet's ink notes on my Flyer, with the yellow notepad background, in the thumbnail view. However, when I tap on one of the ink notes to see a larger view, all I get is a blank HTC Flyer-style white note (if there is a title, it shows up, but no ink note). Text notes show up fine.

2. Ink notes created on the Flyer show up on my tablet, but they all start with this text disclaimer: "Note This is a screenshot of the note that you created on HTC Flyer" followed by my ink note and then this text disclaimer "Note: If you edit the below content, your ink notes and annotations may not longer line up with the content on HTC Flyer." This last statement is rather odd, since it appears at the bottom of the ink note and there is nothing below it. Having the disclaimer text on every single ink note is rather annoying and I don't see a way to turn it off.

3. In between these two disclaimers, the ink on the notes I see on my tablet look jagged and definitely not as smooth as they appear the Flyer.

4. When I first started the Notes Application, I had the ability to flip through the notes, similar to the Reader Application. In this format, my tablet ink notes showed up in full size. However, I cannot find a way to view my notes this way again.

This is my first Android device and my first impressions of the HTC Flyer and its inking potential/capabilities are quite positive, but resolving these issues would make it much better.

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Update to issue # 4. If I go into the Notes Application using the Note Screen (one of the seven screens on the Flyer one can access from the Home screen by sliding a finger horizontally or by touching the Home button to see the "Leap View" and touching the desired screen) I see my notes in "Reader" format.

In this view, a single note takes up most of the screen with four button at the bottom of the note that allow me to page forward, backward, see all the notes as thumbnails, or create a new note. If I page to my ink notes, created on my tablet PC, they show up fine, a little jagged, compared to the smooth ink on my tablet, but legible.

However, there is still the issue that if I go into the "All Notes" thumbnail view from this screen, despite being viewable as thumbnails, tapping on the tablet-created ink notes still brings up a blank note.

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I have just bought a Flyer specifically for the Evernote support. This works well apart from a couple of annoying peculiarities. I also use the iPhone version and like to photograph handwritten notes (on paper) and post to Evernote. Now if I open the note on the Flyer the image disappears! You can see a dotted line in the middle of the page but that's all. Worst of all when you exit the note view it is saved without the image! So once the note is synched with the server the image has permanently gone!

I thought a solution would be to take the photo on the Flyer but for some reason the image always gets inserted sideways. Not very helpful for reading handwriting. I tried rotating it from my Mac, which seemed to work OK but when synched with the Flyer the image could not be displayed - this time there was a little blue square with a question mark. Very strange.

Has anyone else had these problems? Is there some permutation of doing this that works?


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My thoughts on the flyer...

The Good:

The tablet has a solid build and feels good in hand. Typing on the 7in tablet was great in the portrait mode; little stretched over the landscape mode.

The stylus writes wonderfully on the glass plane. The resistance the tip gave against the glass was just right. Writing with the stylus had no lag.

The battery life was pretty good. I used it for about two days and it was not even half way drained.

The Bad:

The stylus is not evenly weighted; it takes some time to get use to using it. The top where the battery resides actually is heavier and had a tendency to kinda slip around in my hand.

The Ugly:

Annotating a PDF is useless on the Flyer. The width of the pen is too large, even on the smallest setting. You only have one choice for the pen type and it looks like you are using a fat sharpie to make your notes. Even when you zoom in, the ink width scales up proportionally. So forget about making notes in the margin or marking up a document - unless you want it to look like a blur or like a kid grabbed a giant marker. Ohh ya and forget about highlighting. Because if you make a mistake, you cannot undo.

To make matters worse, the annotations made on the pdf do not sync over Evernote. So you can annotate the document (the blur that it is) but there is no way for you to get it out of the flyer. I even tried to place the pdf directly on the Flyer; no notes, when I re-opened the PDF. Even flattening (an option to flatten the annotation layer when you save a pdf after making notes) does not save your notes.

Another feature that I thought would have been very helpful was the search function within Evernote. Evernote is supposed to recognize handwriting, but did not recognize the handwriting within my notes. Even when I block wrote TEST, it was not able to find the word in my notes.

I honestly do NOT understand the five stars this tablet has gotten. It really makes me wonder if the reviewers have actually used the product. There is only ONE reason why one would buy this tablet over the others out in the market or soon to be released. IT IS THE STYLUS. The cost of the product (at least for me) was $642 and change. I honestly expected better. It saddened me, but I had to return the Flyer. I am sure all these issues can be fixed in the future software updates. But for a $650 product, I expect it to work out of the box. I am sure the price will go down or I'll have other options by the time HTC gets around to fixing these issues.

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I agree and am equally frustrated having spent £479 for a wifi only model of the HTC Flyer.

I wanted to do a task as simple as annotating, using the scribe, a pdf document/note in Evernote, but it doesn't save to Evernote (not that I've found a way, anyway).

Equally, if someone emails me a PDF and I open it on my Flyer, I've found no way to transfer it to Evernote - I'm going to be optimistic here and assume that I just haven't worked out this 'obvious' functionality!

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You can save the file on your SD card and attach it to a note, in evernote. At least that is what I do on my EVO. I returned my Flyer. I am not going to pay for HTC to figure out their issues. I will buy one when they have fixed the issues; it will also be cheaper by then.

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Thanks for that - I found that method after posting my issue, but it's no where near as slick as it should be. If you've already saved something in Evernote, I believe you should be able to scrawl on it using the scribe directly. Hope you're listening HTC!

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Can anyone help me with problem I've been having; Evernote is no longer sync'ing the pages of my notes. If I create a new notebook on the Notebook function on the flyer, I can see this on other applications, however the contents of the notebook aren't pulled through. I've tried removing my account and setting it up again, but this hasn't worked ... any ideas.

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Can anyone help me with problem I've been having; Evernote is no longer sync'ing the pages of my notes. If I create a new notebook on the Notebook function on the flyer, I can see this on other applications, however the contents of the notebook aren't pulled through. I've tried removing my account and setting it up again, but this hasn't worked ... any ideas.

I have the same problem!

I can't sync notes on my Htc Flyer. Does anyone have any solution for this? :?

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