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(Archived) Automatic logout with Win XP

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From time to time I am using Evernote with a computer that is used also by few other people. I have the Evernote client installed (on Win XP), and I have noticed that after I start Evernote I am asked to log in. After I have done my stuff, I simply quit Evernote. Now I am expecting that the next time I start Evernote, I would be asked to log in again, but this is not the case - I am automatically logged in! Even if I restart the computer, I am still logged in automatically. Is there a way to force the Evernote client to always ask me to log in (=enter my password), when I start it?

(And yes, I know the "Sing out" option in the "Tools", but sometimes I simply forget to do it. By minimum I would be happy that turning off/restarting the computer would make me to sing in again.)



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