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(Archived) Sharing, image quality

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New to Evernote, really like it, getting more to adopt within our company.

Tonight I shared a folder of notes that contain pictures that I dragged, dropped into the notes (screenshots of ppt presentations).

When I view the shared, the image quality is awful - incredibly high compression, rendering text on the slides unreadable.

Wondering if I'm missing a setting to retain image quality or if I'm adding images incorrectly?



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Think I see what's going on - the quality improves once the larger image is downloaded in the background.

Might be a nice feature to indicate that the larger image is being downloaded before blowing up the smaller image - confusing experience, thought quality was going to be poor by default.

All better now. :-) It's just my hotel wifi slowness that made the experience less than it is with other high-speed connections at work, home.

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