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(Archived) Is this why Kindle 3 doesn't work with Evernote Mobile Web?

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Cutting and pasting from mobile Safari instructions at the Apple site, but, since they both are based on the WebKit browser I'm guessing this is a related problem... assuming that Evernote Mobile Web relies on HTML5 contentEditable of course

http://developer.apple.com/library/safa ... index.html

6. Use textareas instead of contenteditable elements

contenteditable is not supported in Safari on iPhone OS. If you're using contenteditable to enable text input within a styled element (for instance,


), you can replace this styled element with a styled . In Safari on iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X, and Windows, you can customize the appearance of elements using CSS. If necessary, you can even disable any platform-specific, built-in styling on a by specifying -webkit-appearance: none.
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