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(Archived) Note Width of clippings

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Most of the notes I clip come from my rss reader, Reeder for mac.

I like how everything is formatted and in general am happy with how my notes clip.

My one issue is that Reeder displays articles at approximately 550 pixels wide. While I don't really mind this for the desktop version, in the ipad version the notes only fill half of the note pane before the linebreaks, the width remains fixed if I hide the article list and it only fills about 25% of the window. This makes my notes pretty cumbersome to read on my ipad.

Is there anything I can do once I have clipped a note to adjust the width of the note itself? When I clip I just hit, cmd+a cmd+c and cmd+shift+v

I really love how easy this is as well as everything else about the formatting of my notes by doing this it this way, so I hope there is a possible fix!

Thank you,


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