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I've been looking into getting into GTD on Paper since the XMas break of 2010. I've been a long time Things user, but recently, I fell in love with these wonderful books from the Behance group. They are called ActionMethod Journals. To make a long story short, I ended up designing and creating my own journals based on their system, with my own added features to suit my workflow needs.

Through the process of using these and thinking about my long term archiving needs, I kept wanting something smaller and more portable. In walks in the Elephant. :) Today, I saw a video blog Q&A in which someone had asked about the Evernote notebooks, and when Andrew showed the way it was layed out, an idea struck. I took the investigation of books I designed and applied it to the ultraportable nature of these 16 page single page notebooks. Well, let's just say I am really happy with the results. Now I can easily take notes on paper and capture and organize and archive it directly in Evernote with a single snapshot.

I've posted a few snapshots and thoughts on the subject on my site:

Post 1:


Post 2:


I posted some earlier investigations and solutions on the site, so feel free to check those out as well.

Anyhoo, many thanks to the great crew in Mountain View for creating a wonderful app! I cannot wait for the iOS updates. Maybe then I can stop using AwesomeNote.


-policarpo | GTD2CYA


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