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(Archived) jumping cursor in the windows client

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I'm new to Evernote. And I primarily work in the windows client. But more than often, while I am typing, the cursor automatically and seemingly randomly jump from the current line to somewhere else (say a previous line). Well, I know this is a notorious problem of the dell laptop that I use. However I have made disabled the touchpad (which is presumably too sensitive) as long as I'm typing. And such an annoyance has become quite rare when I type in Word or notepad. I doubt this is an Evernote problem, but in the case someone here may help to give a clue.



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Is it when you are typing your first line of a note? That is a problem that has been around at least the last three versions. Doesn't look hard to fix to me but they can't seem to lick it so maybe there is more too it than meets the eye.

When you type the first line of a new note it tries to immediately update the window by using the characters you are typing as the note title (even though you aren't typing them) and by creating a new "new note" below the one you are working on. I'm not sure of the rush, why not just wait until we're done typing the first line or save the note, after all if I'm trying to type the first word of a new note, the last thing I'm thinking about is moving on to yet another note so don't compromise the experience I am having right now for an experience (the new, new note) that I have zero interest in at this time.

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