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(Archived) Is it worth switching from Appigo ToDo to Egretlist?

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I'd like to hear from anyone who has switched from Appigo ToDo to Egretlist. I'm really happy with ToDo but I'd like to have the integration with Evernote that Egretlist provides. I'd like to hear from anyone who has made the switch before I plunk down my $3.99 for Egretlist.


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It's a nice app but it takes a lot of time to setup. In the end I just stopped using it cause I felt like I was always massaging the system to make it work the GTD way. I just went back to using Things for my GTD and Evernote for all my notes, references, and someday explorations.

It's a really beautiful app and @ 2.99 it isn't expensive and may be worth a shot. I'm downloading I again in order to revisit it. I currently use AwesomeNote for all my note taking on iOS for Evernote. I just wish their ToDo system was better.

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I've been using both 2Do and Egretlist.

The thing that I'm really missing in Egretlist is an easy way of viewing 'overdue' tasks. The problem is that there is no simple way in Evernote to set a due date for a to do. Egretlist currently can set a due date and create iCal events but once the due time has passed, you can't really tell it is overdue unless you explicitly set a tag which pops it into 'Next' category.

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