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Evernote Calendar features


I am writing this after the new evernote event feature, that allows to create an internal calendar event without having to create it first in google calendar or outlook calendar.

I also read that soon there will be an option to create google calendar events from evernote and it's awesome, and I'm sure you are also working on other features.

But I would like to share some that maybe you are not working on and I hope you will make available:

-creating an event when I am entering it as attachment: if I am in a note and I want to attach an event, I have to select one that I already created in the calendar page, and it would be useful to have a "create new event" button.

-highlighted days with an event in monthly view: I use Evernote to have a comprehensive view of my notes across all notebooks, also by the time they were created to see what happened in that period, so instead of selecting each day to see if there is an event, a small icon like a dot or the number of the day highlighted would be useful

-duplicate event: this is one of the features already present in google calendar. I work part-time with shifts made on a weekly basis and each friday I duplicate the most recent event for the upcoming days that might be different from the previous week.

-set event for the day of the creation of the date: yesterday I digitized some notes from a class I had last week. I did not create the event in google calendar. I would like to simply enter the note, select "insert event", then "create new event" and have a side button that suggests the day those notes where taken.

-easier "change creation date" button: related to the above request, I often change the creation date of a note so I have everything in chronological order related to when that thing happened, not when I created the note. It's not even possible on Android but it's a "meta" adjustment I don't have to make on the go. Since it's also possible to change the creation date into a date in the future, the notes list set by creation date turns into a planner and I have my upcoming events always on top.

I know this last one is not a specific request, I'm just saying it's a small metadata that actually improves the overall organization.

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