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Left Hand Navigation



One of my pet frustrations is the left hand navigation which goes:

  • Home
  • Shortcuts
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Calendar
  • Notebooks
  • Tags
  • Shared with Me
  • Trash

I rarely use Home, Tasks, Calendar or Tags, so it would be great to be able to hide or at least move them down.

I do use Shortcuts, Notes and Notebooks so would love to be able to move these up or have just these showing.

It would be really helpul if it was possible to move menu headings up or down or even hide ones we do not use.

Many thanks.



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I have the same request.    I would also like a shortcut or similar command to get to the top of the Left Navigation Window.  It's a pain in the neck to scroll through all my notebooks to see Home / Shortcuts / Notes ...   


Does anyone know if such a shortcut or command exists (other than collapsing Notebooks to get to the top quicker)?

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