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Widget Feature Request, multiple notes deletion (as it was in Version 8)

Chris Sims


Hey there,
I am new to the forum so please excuse and inform me, when I am posting somehow, somewhere wrong. Thanks!

My Request:
Widgets like in version 8 (look at the screenshots):
The bar widget without the empty space
The note showing widget, showing reminders as in version 8 and offline access even when a note get's changed/edited/added
Multible notes deletion as in version 8

My Story:
I did switch finaly from Evernote Android Version 8 to the newest Version 10 (because I was forced to do so).
Well I am okay with version 10 except the Widgets...

Request explaination:
I loved the widget in version 8 a lot more.
The "bar" where you can quickly record an Audio or set a reminder was extremely helpfull when I am somewhere and I need to be realy quick.
Now in version 10 the bar is an extra widget and somehow uses way too much space than it needs to. In the screenshot the orange lines are the space it takes, I can't place apps or other widgets within the orange lines. I don't know why the widget is taking up to much empty space.

The "note showing widget" doesn't show reminder dates anymore as it did in version 8.
I structured my whole life kinda arround reminders and this widget, so that's a very decent downgrade for me at least.
I also liked the colors more within the widget in version 8 (Reminder, day, backround), but I guess that's just a matter of taste.
When I am offline and I change a note, the widget does only say that it needs an internet connection to get the notes to display...
Yes I have all my notebooks downloaded for offline use and it works fine, except the widget, that whysoever needs internet to show the note in my downloaded notebook...

Multible notes deletion as in version 8
In version 8 I was able to mark many notes via longpressing on the note (in the view of a notebook with all the notes in it) at a time and move them to another notebook or delete them.
In Version 10, that's not possible anymore (with longpressing on a note, nothing happens), as far as I have tried, or is there a secret to it?
I often need to delete or move many notes at ones, and it is a serious timewaste to click every single note...

I hope someone sees this post and it may get changed/fixed.
Thank you, evernote team for your hard work!

Have a great weekend,




Version 8Version 10


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