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Allow re-arranging the Sidebar | Notes list | Note disposition



Currently, the disposition of the three different major sections of the App is fixed, i.e.

  • left: Sidebar
  • center: Notes list
  • right: Note

On multiple screens or very large screens, this can become less than ideal. For example, on my 3 screens, I usually have Evernote on my right screen to take notes during meetings, while working on some code, while following a lecture - all things that happen on the main screen.

In that configuration, the note in which I'm writing is quite far away to the right.

In order to "fix" this, it would be nice to have a new option to rearrange the position of the 3 elements. I think simply allowing to invert the order would be nice, as there is a logic to go from Sidebar->Notes list->Note anyway. I don't think it would make much sense to have sth like Note -> Sidebar -> Notes list (but who am I to judge others processes, of course 🙂).

Note: I could of course open the note I'm working on as standalone, and align it on the left of my screen - but then I lose the ability to quickly navigate to another note, and that's not the desired behavior. I could also of course use my left screen to hold Evernote, and move what I have on my left screen to the right screen, but it is not always possible due to the inflexibility of less good applications 😉

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