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Overline and Latex



As I am doing notes for class, I find myself spending extra time trying to figure out how to notate text that is overlined such as A compliment or Boolean variables. After doing a search to see if this was discussed or integrated into Evernote in the past, I saw there was an archived post with no reply. It was well written and gave supporting evidence as to why it should be included, but perhaps got overlooked due to no specific instances where the user(s) would need to use this feature? If that is the case, here is a specific instance in which a user needs this function. 

I also notice when copy/pasting notes, it often does not like to copy variables, so I spend quite a bit of time changing the � symbols into something reasonably equivalent to the original. I don't know if they are unrecognized symbols or trying to convert an unknown font, but it is a pain to go through and change every one by hand. 

These are the two biggest issues I've been having with Evernote not having a specific functionality. Perhaps integrating Latex would solve a majority of math related issues as well as other symbols for note-takers. My school actually uses Latex for its question/reply section, so they provide us with the codes for the symbols relevant to our current topic. 


I've gotten around the other symbols with sites such as this:

Bracket Symbol Copy and Paste 【 】 ︻ ︼ [ ] 〚 〛 ﹄ ﹃

So, although it is a pain to copy/paste constantly for math notes, at least there's a way to do it. The overline symbol is the only one I haven't found a way around yet. 

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