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Web Clipper Performance issues across Chrome and Android



Hey team,

Longtime paying evernote customer first time submitter. I've noticed a few things over the past year as it relates to the web clipper I wanted to bring up:

On android, i can go to a web page or app, and the clipper spins and spins for 3+ minutes never successfully clipping the info on the screen. This is a similar experience on chrome when I go to the nytimes cooking site and plan my menu for the week. I clip the recipe I'm choosing and then it spins for over 45 seconds, but in the case of chrome, it actually finally works.

The option to clip a "simplified" version on chrome no longer works as well as it used to specifically on the cooking.nytimes.com website. This may be a nytimes change that caused this, but when I clipped it, I could use the "Clip simplified article"  to cut out all the ads and superfluous info on the page and return the core content; however it can no longer do it. Additionally it always picks the wrong picture for the hero image on the note. Even though the first and most prominent image is the picture of the dish, it always picks their generic food image much further down after the recipe that has nothing to do with the article. This never used to happen but now happens every time. I then come into the note, hit the magic wand button to convert the note to text, and delete all the other images and superfluous text...several added steps that I historically didn't have to do.

I've loved Evernote for a long time and view your web clipper as one of the core reasons I stick with you all in addition to your scanner integration. If you can help with these improvements it would be so helpful! Thank you!

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And Web clipper performance has recently gotten way worse on Mac. I am running a machine with M1 chip and 16 gigs of RAM, so single core performance and memory are not an issue. And after an update (not sure exactly when, december-ish) it takes wayyyyyyyy longer than usual for the web clipper panel to be usable (my tags etc. showing up). Frankly I am unable to mobilize understanding for this kind of backwards movement in usability. The web clipping process needs to be as zippy as possible. And if you can't get it faster ... okay. But don't slow it down from where it already was!

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