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Evernote AI Cleanup: Achieve more by doing less at once

Rafael B


I would like to propose some enhancements to Evernote's AI Cleanup  functionality, with a focus on flexibility and customization. Presently, the service operates on the entire note and imposes a character limit, thereby limiting the usefulness of this feature for extensive or complex texts. I propose that it should also be capable of acting based on text selections, accepting prompts, and saving presets.
Here are the details:
Selective Formatting by Sections: This would make it possible to apply specific styles to selected parts of the note, allowing for more refined customization and better meeting the needs of those working with extensive texts—while also placing less demand on AI APIs.
- Acceptance of Prompts and Pattern Recognition Allowing users to adjust the final result according to their preferences. A practical example is instructing the AI using a snippet of the content, and it replicates the instructions accordingly.
- User-Generated Preset: Especially useful for those who frequently use specific formatting styles. The ability to create, save, and apply custom presets would save time and improve efficiency, requiring less from APIs and conserving resources.
What do you think guys?"

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