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Pictures uploaded via phone won't sync with Evernote on other devices/platforms (iPad and Windows)



I took a picture on my phone, and uploaded it onto Evernote

It appears fine on my phone.

However, my iPad and Windows client, the sync is never successful.

I waited about 30 mins, but it is still syncing (picture attached). I have tried different ways to upload the picture (e.g. I took a screenshot of the picture I took) but still to no avail.

Other points:

  • I am using a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.
  • My internet connection is working fine.

evernote syncing circle of death.png

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Same here. In addition to the image problem, synchronization in the iOS app, whether iPhone or iPad, has not been working for almost a day, or only with an enormous delay. Evernote emails are also not delivered in the iOS versions. 

I currently have a different number and sorting of notes in four different apps/devices, and only Evernote Web is actually displaying the correct status for me. This is far away from the real-time processing that was emphasized by the Evernote Team in the most recent subscription email I got.

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I have the same problem. Images were inserted via android app and on Desktop (Windwos) as well as in the web-client they are missing (only the loading cycle is there). I also reset the locale db on windows but it didn't help.

Does someone has a solution?

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