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Quicker Tagging



On iOS and Desktop.

When clicking on the tag icon I then need to click on the search box instead of just being able to type. If someone has a lot of tags the likely hood of clicking/pressing add tag and then not having to type something is extremely low, so you should be able to type right away.

After typing in and then clicking on a suggested tag or clicking create its not added to the note until you click done. If you click to go back to the note which is behind the tagging pop up it’s not saved. Clicking back on the note after clicking the tag you wanted to keep typing is more natural than hitting the small inconspicuous done button. As after you hit done you then need to click again to get the curser back to start typing whereas if you add the tag and then click straight back to the note you can type instantly.

Its like on iPhone when typing in your passcode and the phone doesn’t automatically unlock if its correct when most android phones and windows computers log you in because you got the code correct.

I have ADHD so try to get my thoughts down and organised ASAP and this little encumbrance causes me a lot of anguish especially as I like to tag as I go as each paragraph may warrant another. Only to find none of them are there.

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