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Sleazy, Black-Hat Programming in Evernote



I started today with a simple goal: export my notes from Evernote. I noticed that whenever I would leave a note in my scratch pad, it would sometimes fail to record the last four to eight lines. Then, I would open the app repeatedly and type it again, and after (maybe) every fifth attempt, it would record two or three of the words that I wrote to the scratch pad. This is the most basic feature of a note taking app. At least when it's recorded to my locally stored app on my phone, I know it won't gaslight me. "What? You didn't write that! I never heard you say that. UwU"

Right. Super cute. Thanks. 

In trying to export my notes, it only got worse. Apparently, Evernote decided the only way a user is allowed to export their notes is through installing the desktop app, not on web or mobile versions. So I install the desktop app, attempt to export my notes, and wouldn't you know it? Now I've got too many devices synced! Oh, but I can GIVE THEM MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER and they'll fix THE PROBLEM THEY CREATED. I attempt to unsync the "Web version" once, restart the application, and get the same message, with the notable exception that I've used ONE of the TWO complimentary unsyncs on my account for the month.

Ignoring the sheer waste of time this has already caused me, I attempt to unsync again, and begin receiving a server error. Then, I'm told that if I'd like to use the desktop app, I still need to unsync another device. I check the web version through my browser, and sure enough, it's not connecting anymore. And now my phone (which I never selected) is also unsynced.

Long story short, it appears that Evernote is holding my data ransom until I at least agree to the 7 day trial, which would require my financial information. Right now, I wouldn't trust anyone at Evernote to return a library book, nonetheless with my credit card info. They've also made the ONLY option for direct technical support to post in these forums, instead of speaking to someone at Evernote.

I'll be telling every songwriter, author, poet, and professional that I meet from here forward to never NEVER trust the free version of Evernote, and I know more than a few. I've also copied this review, and plan to post it on every software review site I can find, to every consumer report agency. I'll also be filing an official grievance with the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, as well as the Better Business Bureau, and whoever else feels pertinent. So moderators can block this post on the Evernote forums, if they want, but I'm about to get very, very vocal.

You have my email address. Answer me.

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