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Evernote no longer viable for me. A perfectly good progarm made indecipherable! disgusted.

Alan S. Goldberger


plain text of above:
Mr. Simionato,
I read your recent blog published on 4/18/23. Therein, you wrote: “Please let us know what you think of the product improvements and additions. Your feedback is really appreciated. You can email me at federico@evernote.com. I can’t promise I’ll reply, but I will read every message.” Since Evernote revamped the program about two years ago, I’ve been writing to the company and receiving, of the most part, stock responses. As a result, I am on a constant search for a replacement in which to place my 8321 notes.
Below is what I think of the product “improvements” over the last two years: As an Evernote user for over 12 years, I am so displeased that I have been looking for a replacement.  I believe that the 2021 changes make the program much less useful and entirely too difficult to navigate. I tired reverting to “Evernote Legacy” on numerous occasions. The result was not good.
The Evernote program's prior version was far superior to the current version, including the three that I use: Windows, Evernote.com, and Android. in the Windows and online versions. As a result of the company dismantling the prior version and its outstanding features, I can no longer look at my list of notes in a notebook adjacent to the side panel without also having to have 1/3 or more of the page cluttered with one open note at all times. This is true in the online version, and the Windows version; and whether one uses the snippet View, the card view of the list; and whether one uses the side list or the top list. This deficiency, for me, is enough to abandon the program. I believe that Evernote would be far more useful and powerful if the company restored the ability to collapse the Note panel on the right of the screen.
All that would be necessary is to set up the Note panel on the right (or the bottom in top list view) with an arrow allowing that panel to collapse, as in the SIDEBAR panel on the left. That would allow the user to see the sidebar, as in the pre-2021 versions,  with the list of Notes, Notebooks/Stacks, and tags together with a full listing of notes in a notebook — without having 1/3 or more of the screen cluttered with a Note. If I want to read or edit a note, I can open it. I cannot understand why SOME note needs to clutter the screen at all times?
Beyond the above major flaw in the program, the Android version is nowhere near as useful as the prior Android version. Aside from the elimination of the useful interface, the program frequently freezes and does not allow a sync or movement of a Note to a different notebook.
That is why, after more than 12 years as a customer, I find myself looking for a replacement.
Again, if only the Note on the right side could be collapsed, the program would be much more useful. Thank you.
Alan Goldberger
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