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Subfolders plz!



Here's what I'd love:

I use Dynalist because it's clean and simple. It helps me organize my process when I'm stuck and not sure what my next step is (my linkedin article about this) --but it's only good for that. 

But I use Notion because I like all of its features --- but Notion is a little much sometimes, and I feel like I'm trying to build a website just to capture a few video links or recipe ideas. 

Evernote has the "quick and intuitive" nailed, but I hate that I can't drill down. I want to be able to digitally outline (and expand) a book I'd like to write, or build a business process manual for myself by dropping quick notes in and being able to expand on any particular idea. 

Lack of fractal sub-folders is the only thing holding me back from Evernote letting me break up with my other digital organization lovers. 

Any solutions?

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