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"Upgrade to continue using Evernote on this device" + unsync broken

Waru Grimbrand


I've been trying to test Evernote to get some idea if it works for a use I had in mind, but I am immediately faced with an impenetrable wall of some convoluted mess with "device sync limits" or something.

I installed Evernote on 2 devices, log in, and get greeted with some "Upgrade to continue using Evernote on this device" message. It tells me I can "Unsync a device" instead. It lists the 2 things I installed and some "Web Client" or something like that. I tell it to unsync that and leave the 2 desktop applications I wanted to actually test on. It says it's doing something, and then .. takes me back to the same nag screen to upgrade. I do the same thing again, same result. I try again, and now it tells me "I've done too many unsyncs this month" and starts logging me out for some absolutely asinine reason. In practice it did exactly no unsyncs.

I try and go and look at how to contact support to figure this out, there is no way to contact support. So here I am. I doubt anyone here can actually fix Evernote, or my account's status, but this is apparently where Evernote wants me to post.

Not a great start for Evernote.

I have no issue paying for a service, but

1) I need to be able to test it first

2) the service needs to be actually worth money and so far I'm not very impressed


The fact that this "Signing you out in..." thing exists at all is an obvious bug. It even prevents me from logging into the web client and opening the Support menu from there.



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