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PLEASE make it possible to open Tasks in a separate window on a laptop/desktop display!!!

Anton Prenneis


If Evernote has one Achille's heel, it is the Tasks function. 

To start with the positive... I love how Evernote provides the ability to embed Tasks in notes. But this very useful feature is almost negated by the single biggest limitation of the Tasks function (not just in my opinion but in the opinions of many other Evernotes users I've seen make the same exact complaint): 

The worst thing about Tasks is its CRAMPED display in the Evernotes dashboard. So I would like to add my voice to scores of other Evernotes customers to request that you PLEASE make it possible to open Tasks in a separate window on a laptop/desktop display.

In addition to being cramped, the small Tasks pane is very awkward place to manage a list of tasks as the list orientation often shifts whenever a task is checked off or deleted. I would think that accomplishing this one simple UI enhancement would be an extraordinarily simple thing to do, and based on the litany of similar complaints from other users, I know that this one simple improvement would make a large portion of the Evernote customer base very happy. 

There are certainly other tweaks that could make Tasks more useful but I'm not looking for a full-blown task manager app within Evernote... just a more productive way to view Tasks on the desktop. This limitation has driven me to actively seek alternatives... but I'd like to stick with Evernote because of its otherwise superior functionality and the fact that I have tons of notes that would be abandoned or have to be migrated if I switched to another solution. 

Many thanks!

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