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Bullet Indentation Beyond Third Level



The pre-app-aligned version of Evernote had a bullet list where the bullet changed after the third level of indentation. If I recall correctly the three types of bullets that were used were solid circle, empty circle, and solid square. Although there were only three types of bullets, they rotated so each bullet level differed from the level before and after it. In this new version of Evernote, every bullet level beyond the third is had a solid square for the bullet (see example below). I thought this was a glitch and reached out to support, but they confirmed this is how the new Evernote works. I propose returning to the previous method of indenting, where the three types rotated. The current version makes it very hard to keep track of what information is on what level. I use Evernote to make study guides and outlines and this is driving me bonkers. Anyone else? 

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