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Two Factor Authentication not working

Luiz Augusto Vitali



I've been an Evernote user for almost 10 years now and never had an issue using it. I also use two factor authentication for almost 5 years now and it always worked flawlessly. Every so often I would receive a SMS through my carrier, insert the code, and log in.

Recently I changed my smartphone and brought my number alongside it. Curiously, I've been receiving every SMS from other services with no issues (google, waze, bank accounts, the list goes on) but not from Evernote. Now I'm locked out of my account because the code will simply not arrive. I had to create another account to post this message to the foruns and opened a ticket with the support team yesterday (3717825) but had no replies so far.

Sadly, I don't have my backup codes anymore but my phone number and e-mail account are the same and I still have access to both of them.

What do I do?

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