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In hungarian keyboard layout the @ character sits on Alt Gr+v (right Alt) shortcut, but Evernote's default Ctrl+Alt+v shortcut kills it. Not only in Evernote, but everywhere. Annoying... a little bit. I need to disable Evernote's shortcut, because i can't type any of email addresses.

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I really like Evernote and this problem prevents me from using Evernote at all. It's really a problem. I think that you are losing customers in whole Central and Eastern Europe because of this silly default hot key.

My example: when I installed Evernote on my laptop I couldn't send any more emails, because I couldn't type in @ in the email address. Then I figured out that Evernte was running and if I closed it the problem disappeared. I bet that most users would give up here and stop using Evernote.

But actually the solution to this problem is simple: replace the default Hotkey for "Paste clipboard" to something else (e.g. Ctrl + V).

You really have to figure out a simple way how to handle this painful issue.

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