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Tag Hierarchy



Hello !

This is for me a Must Do - I learnt to use tags in Adobe Lightroom & it is brilliant.
I don't even understand how someone may consider provide the tag feature without providing its parent / child function.


Let's say I want to say that I took a photo in Brazil. I tag it "Pernambuco". This tag should be nested into others :

South America
    | > Brazil
    |      | > Minais Gerais
    |      | > Pernambuco
    |      | > 
Sao Paulo
    |      | > Rio Grande do Sul
    | > Argentina
    | > Chile..

When I tag Pernambuco, it also tags Brazil & South America.

Well... in Lightroom, you can also decide if a tag is automatically applied when its child tag is tagged (I could choose to have Brazil automatically added, but not South America). I am not even asking for that.

Advantages :

  • QUICKER USAGE 1 click : 3 tags !
  • MORE COMPLETE TAGGING : I don't forget things
  • EASIER TO SEE (and manager) TAGS

Well I guess that I won't see that coming before long since hierarchy between notebooks has been only partially answered after 10 years of asking for it (see here Stacks only  answer the need because you cannot nest stacks within stacks).

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