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Feature Request: Add tasks from one note to another without duplicating it



I am new to Evernote and it's been good. However, I would really love a feature on the task component that says "add task to" or something like that, that lets me select another note that those tasks will be duplicated in, without duplicating them on the general task list. 

I would say maybe if two tasks are exactly the same they shouldn't be duplicated on the general task list, but I think that could cause some bugs because some people could have the same tasks with different contexts. I am asking, however, to be able to "link tasks".

I have a notebook for my weekly goals and tasks. Every day, I try to journal in my daily notebook and add tasks I want to complete that day in that note. Sometimes I would add some of my weekly tasks to that daily note and more tasks that have come up for me that day. So when I mark a task as complete, it should be marked complete both in the daily note and in the weekly one. I really hope this made sense.

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