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Why I will delete my account: No syntax highlighting



Hello Evernote-Team,

actually, I wanted to switch from Google Docs to your platform, as it offers way more features for taking notes and organizing things.

My first impression was pretty good, everything looks nice, and I really wanted to start using your service.
99% of my notes are code snippets and relating text, so I was excited about to move all my notes to Evernote... and here my trouble begun.

I spent the last four hours searching for something like a plugin or any other feasible way to easily format and highlight code snippet in here.
Turns out, the best option would be to install some 3rd party tools on my machine or use a 3rd party website in order to have some colored code.

In my research, I found out that people requesting this feature for at least 10 years, and I think it's a shame for a market leading company to not offer such a simple thing. But maybe you are way too big and money-heavy now, and so you don't need to listen to people anymore.

So, I will stay with my Google Docs, since there is a nice plug-in, which allows me to simply format every highlighted text in almost every possible language.

Oh, and there definitively should be an easy-to-find-button to send direct feedback to you. Posting feedback in a forum is so 2000ish like... oh wait... just like having no syntax highlighting.

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