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Chrome browser login dialog window doesn't allow password entry

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I have a bit of a weird issue with Chrome browser on my Macbook. 

When I try to login to the web version of Evernote on Chrome, I enter the email address of my Evernote account. Normally the green Continue button slides down to reveal the psace where I would enter my password. This doesn't happen, so I'm unable to login. This affects my use of the web clipper extension.

Using Safari on the same Mac works as it should.

Using Chrome on my work computer (Win10) works as it should.

So I presume this is caused by one of my Chrome extensions? I've tried disabling the extensions that prevent pop-ups, but that hasn't helped.

Any suggestions?


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Well, wouldn't you know it! After a few weeks of trying to get to the bottom of this (and an hour after I posted the above), I just noticed a tiny icon saying javascript was blocked on the evernote site. I enabled Javascript and now this work as they used to.

Hopefully this might help others who encounter this issue.


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