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Task management




The proposal deals with tasks management.
It would be interesting (at least for me :-)):

- to have the possibility to build chains of tasks (when a task is finished, the following is activated),
- to have a progression bar for tasks or, at least, a progression pourcentage.

Thank you,
best regards,

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I agree.
I would like to have more productivity, if Evernote allowed for better task management.

For example,
- Being able to nest tasks (A parent task can have child tasks)
- Being able to have visibility of tasks in the calendar.
- Being able to have a KanBan board with the tasks (or task label)
- To be able to visualize percentages of progress of tasks in a note.
- Being able to convert a task into a new note.
- Being able to create plans and task summary
- And a long etc.

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I completely agree that it would be interesting to have those features in a task management system. Having the ability to create chains of tasks would be really helpful in keeping track of what needs to be done and when. Additionally, a progression bar or percentage would be a great way to see at a glance how close you are to completing a task. I use task management software that has all these features. You can read more about it and see if it suits all your needs. Good luck!

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