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(Archived) Using Evernote for research? Test out a new plugin...

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Hi, I work at a startup company in the San Francisco Bay area.

We are developing an Evernote plugin that makes it easier to use Evernote for (academic) research. The plugin would automatically tag all notes and particularly attachments (PDF and DOC papers) based on the meaning of their contents. This would make it much easier to find back relevant papers and quotes, and also to interlink and maybe even summarize pieces of content you want to use in your paper.

I am looking for some alpha customers that are willing to comment and test this product before it comes onto the market. In return for your feedback, we will give you a year's premium subscription to Evernote or the equivalent in Amazon gift cheques - plus of course a free subscription to our product once it comes out.

The best is if you are a college student, a researcher or a knowledge worker. If you live in or around the Pacific Standard Time zone, this is more practical for communicating with you.

Interested? Please send a private reply to this message. Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

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