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Add Todoist as a GCal calendar, then add EN notes to the TD tasks in the EN Calendar Widget

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Getting comfortable with the EN integration with Google Calendar, it dawned on me that if I added a Todoist calendar to GCal, TD tasks will end up in my EN Calendar widget (both all-day and time-designated). Why not add the advantage EN gives us to contextualize calendar items with our EN notes to those "Evernotified TD tasks" in the Calendar widget? Guess what: as long as we consult the EN-colonized TD tasks in the Calendar widget (not those bare-boned tasks in their Todoist location), we have stumbled onto the best of both worlds, haven't we?. You don't need to go back to TD to get the enriched, contextualized versions happily ensconced in EN's calendar widget. Sure, TD can be useful still, but to get both the contextualized depth in a time slot afforded by EN, ALONG WITH the quick topicality of TD tasks ... This gives me the feeling of connecting my enriched notes/tasks not just to contemplation, but to achievement and action. Anyone else doing this?    Patricius

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