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Can't create a new file. Can't get the existing one to work. No idea what's going on.

13:21 0% Connecting to preview.evernote.com

13:21 0% Client updateCount=173, server updateCount=178

13:21 0% Retrieving list of changes from the server

13:21 0% Expunging 2 notes

13:21 0% Expunged local note "Purpose in Life - 2008-04-30"

13:21 50% Expunged local note "Apps to reinstall"

13:21 0% Synchronizing 1 note

13:21 0% Updating local note "Living with a Purpose - 2008-04-30"

13:21 100% SyncException: Error: Can't commit transaction, error: CANT_INSERT_INTO_EXPUNGED_ITEMS

13:21 100% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 0s

If I rename this local file and try to let Evernote create a new file, I get an error and the program quits. I then get a 0 byte exb file that won't work. I'd love to keep working with Evernote as it shows a lot of promise, but I can't keep dealing with a corrupted local note file or inability to sync.

Problem started when I was offline and adding a new note to the file. I got an error while typing the note and eventually just gave up because it wouldn't save in my local copy. I then e-mailed myself the note I'd already typed in Evernote (which shows on the web fine). However, I can't sync down to my PC anymore.

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