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Improved copy-paste functionality



I do a lot of bibliographic work. I've tried creating a new EN note for each new note taken while reading in order to leverage the tagging capabilities of EN but it is cumbersome and remove a lots of context. Context is the reason I like to keep all my reading notes for a given book/article in the same EN note. But at the same time, I also would like to be able to add specific tags to some paragraphs so I could easily gather quotes from different books/articles linked to the same topic.

It seems to be an issue for many users as I've seen many requests for tagging or linking block of text within a note. It is actually a very old request that came back to the front row recently with the apparition of new apps such as Roam. So at the moment I end up copy-pasting blocks of text in new notes that I then link (via tags) to a topic. Cumbersome, particularly because it is not possible to view multiple notes at the same time.

Not sure why links/tags within notes has not been implemented yet but it could be due to technical aspects (Roam was designed with this function in mind after all). A descent work-around solution could be to simply (?) improve copy-paste functionality inside EN:

  • select text in note A
  • right click and select "copy into another note" in contextual menu
  • chose note B from list (or create new note)
  • selected text would then be automatically inserted in note B with title and link to note A.

That, short of being able to highlight a paragraph and tag it, would work for me

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