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Nice Touch with Task Summary in Thumbnail! Now a Kanban View Please

John Jablonski



Good start with the Tasks implementation! Now we can go wild...

Currently, I do a sort of Kanban by myself by having one note per task, setting Reminders, and storing all these Task/Notes in a single notebook. I can see that now that we have the Tasks feature, it would be great if we could view the Tasks in a visual layout with Columns like Future, Due This Week, Due Today, Past Due, Done or something similar, maybe columns could be user defined with a user selectable filter and sort criteria.

For my use of Kanban, generally the Task Name is just the header. When I was using LeanKit Kanban and Evernote together, I would place a Link to a corresponding Evernote Note in each Kanban Item (Card). I would use Evernote to save progress reports and reference data or even a Checklist of items or sub-tasks needed to complete a Kanban Item (Card). I would also use Evernote to save a kind of history or running log for recurring Cards.

I have really liked the merging of my Kanban system into Evernote and all I miss at this point is the visual layout with drag and drop.

I've tried the Kanbanote product and find that it is very limited by screen size and the inability to scroll the visual view. A nice feature of Leankit Kanban is the ability to drag and drop within a column to control order. In my Evernote system, I use Reminder Time to control the order Today's items show up at the top of my Kanban Item Notebook. The ability to over-ride the Time sort, especially in the "Today" or "Doing" column would be a nice feature for a Kanban view in Evernote Tasks.

Is there anyone else thinking along these lines?


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