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Request: Desktop Pin Code Security at App Level, or Notebook level

Ed Z


I check back every few months, for YEARS, and still no pin code lock. It's been on mobile for ages, why not desktop?

I see the same tired arguments about signing out of Evernote, or that there are only 72 up-votes, or that most other desktop software doesnt have pin code security.

If it doesn't matter to YOU, doesn't mean it doesn't matter to many other people. 

Most of us share our computers for various reasons. It could be family, friends, co-workers, etc.  It doesn't often occur to us to say "Gee, Evernote doesn't even have a Pin Code lock, let me sign out of Evernote". At a minimum, if we could pin lock individual notebooks, then the most sensitive could be locked and the rest we wouldn't worry if someone viewed them. Microsoft OneNote can lock entire sections. 

Also, most people have their screen savers set anywhere from 5-30 minutes, plenty of time for someone to get access to Evernote. And please don't quote "standard security" practices. Most people don't have decades of IT security experience. They are regular folks. They aren't going to sign out of Evernote every time they step away and then have to sign back in again. 

Do many other Apps on the Mac have pin code security? No. BUT,  Evernote is THE app that most people store highly sensitive information in. You cant compare Excel to Evernote. That's silly. Microsoft One Note for example allows you to password protect entire sections. 

"Only" 72 upvotes? Most Evernote users are not sophisticated enough, or have the time, to do a google search, find this forum, create an account, and even KNOW what an "upvote" is. After years for waiting for such a basic feature, years, I finally felt like commenting on this forum. How many thousands of users would LOVE this feature but cant be bothered to find this forum?

For the argument that it would be too cumbersome for users: simply make it an option. It's off by default, so no one is impacted by it that wont use it, but the thousands of us that would love it, or need it, can flip it on. 

As a former software developer, then CIO, and finally consultant, I know this is NOT a major feature requiring weeks of work. It already exists on mobile. 

Sometimes, its the little things, that make people love an app, or are annoyed with it. I can tell you many people I know chose not to use Evernote because of this or are using OneNote. For a company of your size, you may not care, but over time, it does make a difference.


Thank you for listening. 

Best regards,











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