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This product is a broken joke. Deactivating.

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Luckily I'm still in my trial week . Hope those opt out promises prove true.

I chose Evernote premium to be able to search pdf files. That's one of the main features distinguishing it from the free version. It doesn't work. I entered a help ticket:

The display shows the pdf file with the text I expect but your search engine sees some sort of encoded version or something. If I search for that it finds it [but not the real text...]

Their answer:

Please be informed that our development team is aware of the issue and is now working on a fix. Unfortunately, I'm unable to provide a time frame of when will this be fixed.

I've read many of these forum topics that make the whole thing sound like some sort of beta or even alpha release of some wishful thinking vapor ware. Watched a YouTube video about their search engine development. The developer described a vanilla search engine you can probably buy prepackaged. The executive type gushed over how wonderful it was and asked what's next. The developer explained some interesting but not very remarkable new features. Oops. Not currently available. Still in development.

And they want to charge you a monthly or annual fee as though it were some kind of continuing and changing service? Yeah, that's a great income stream model for them but this is a static product with bug fixes and enhancements to come. At most they could bundle up a bunch of new features and market it as a separate upgrade. Monthly subscription? Gimme a break.



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