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Evernote incorrectly marks ticket as "solved", when it is not fixed & has no idea when it will!



As a paying Premium Customer, I have been experiencing a number of known technical issue for several months. Just one example is where some PDFs and/or images will not display in preview for certain reasons!

Evernote has confirmed this is a known issue but not a priority and refuse to fix this within the next several months.  

Multiple tickets have been raised and then Evernote marks them as solved even though they admit they have no intention to fix this known issue until the end of 2021...and even then there is no commitment to fix it by then.

I don't know about other customers, but as far as I am concerned as a paying customer, a ticket should stay open until it is actually "solved", but Evernote prefers to close it ASAP without any resolution or any date when it will be fixed.

Therefore I open the ticket again but they close it again. So I open it again and they close it again!  This has been going on for some time which is very frustrating because it is more important to Evernote that they look good to close tickets that are not resolved!

Please fight back with me! If this is happening to you, re-open your ticket or create a follow up ticket & demand they keep the ticket open until it is resolved!

This will in turn have a true reflection on unsolved tickets at Evernote & will create action to get unresolved issues fixed in a more timely manner!

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