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Universal Evernote note links



When is there going to be some sort of decent "note link" function implemented in Evernote? There are only two clumsy options available to do this so far. One is the "Internal" note link which is useless if you share a note via the web. The other is to share a web URL link to a note and put in the http address which is useless to another user who natively uses the Evernote software/app.

Since the 1980's (40 years ago) database applications such as Lotus Notes have had the function to copy and past Note links into other pages/notes to direct the user to another note. Regardless of whether the user was using the native desktop software or viewing the note via the web, the note would open the other note according to the platform used. I understand that if the note the user was viewing contained a link to a note they were not entitled to access then rightly an error should indicate that.

It should not be so hard to implement a single universal Evernote note link that works across platforms in Windows or Evernote for, Android,or IOS.

This is a MAJOR downfall of Evernote, especially for researchers who wish to share information (even if only read only) with other users regardless of whether they use Evernote or a web browser.


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