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"Looking better" is never an alternative to productivity




I have been using evernote for quite a long time, since when it did not look so good. However, the UI of evernote has been changed a lot, it looks a lot better now. But what makes me sad is: it's loosing its productivity. I use evernote on both Windows and Android.

To talk about android, it made me pretty happy when I first came across the recent massive change in UI, everything looked great. But after using it for 3-4 days, what I found was it's performance has been reduced a lot. Whenever I minimize the app and open it a bit later, the whole app loads from scratch. NO MULTITASKING FOR ME NOW. Also, the features I loved most are getting vanished gradually.

On PC, I was still using older 6.xx versions because when the newer look came I just felt it was not that comfortable. There is no options menu now, I just can't find most of the customizations, some are still there but hanging around different places. Favorite sync button is gone, I always hid the note content from the main UI rather opened them in new window which is not possible now. Do you know what is feels like? I have got a new house, a very beautiful one, but cant explore the house like I'm in a cage, cant personalize my house, cant feel its mine. 

Now, I am getting back to my old 6.xx version on PC, but play store never kept any option to get back to an older version.

So, the synopsis is, I think, looking better is now costing us productivity. Productivity was the one single reason that made me start using evernote. This transition of evernote certainly makes me sad.


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